The Vashta Nerada are tiny things, but can group together in massive bunches. They eat meat and are found on Earth, but they usually feast on road kill. Sometimes they kill people, if feeling disturbed. they can disguise themselves as shadows too.

First Appearance The Puzzle Gods
Last Appearance

God's Power

The Puzzle Gods used their puzzle making powers to create Vashta Nerada. This was part of The Scientist's life and death puzzles whilst with The Beginner and The Writer. When they stopped and did nothing, The Gods commanded them to stop.

The Vashta Nerada under the god's control

After story

It is unknown what happened after the events of The Puzzle God, but it is likely they were freed. It is also unknown if they were real Vashta, so they could've been destroyed along with The Puzzle God's Labyrinth.

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