I was always partial to the red ones myself.

This blog is more or less a test to see whether or not the blog section of the website works-- and if it does, well, then you're reading this. I have recently re-joined The Alliance, I left by choice mainly to put an end to roleplay in general, it was eating way too much of my time, and having just gotten a job at the time I was headset on changing, but recently I came to the realization that it was not necessary to leave the group, or stop doing something I love. Its escapism, and lately I've been needing it more than ever.

I plan on keeping Ramasus dead (for how long is the question) and Eurybus will be my main character, but I do plan on introducing a new anti-hero / occasional villain for Eurybus, and the group in general to tackle. He is The Wanderer, an enigmatic entity who is connected to Eurybus' unexplained resurrection.

Eurybus has distanced himself intentionally from The Alliance to seek the truth on his own, The Alliance are unaware that he is alive, and he intends to keep it that way, but with recent events how long will it be, before Eurybus realizes that he needs the group? Who knows.

Overall, it's great to be back, and I love putting the effort into this wiki, it's coming along nicely now. :)

Great videos by the way, guys I'm jealous of your gather-up at BLOXcon, how was it meeting up for the first time?

Seeing as how I lack the imagination I have used Keanu Reeves as the avatar of Eurybus and my favourite Youtuber Ephemeral Rift as The Wanderer. I've posted two pictures of them below, for anyone who cares to see what the characters look like.

Until, next time fellow members, peace.

Current Eurybus
The Wanderer

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