Had a story that never came to fruition?

I've had plenty especially alternate scenarios and continuations of already established story arcs. The one that sticks with me the most was what later became The Saga of Deroth. The idea was after his death Ramasus was sent to Hell, to serve eternally for his sins-- and a darker saga would unravel showing the history of the Valinus family including an ancient curse.

This was later retconned with me deciding to go with their clone origin, I also liked the idea of Deroth being ONE of billions of demonic dimensions. I still consider re-visiting these dropped stories though.

Here's a few others:

  • Manhiel was originally intended to be a future incarnation of Ramasus Ei Valinus-- one driven insane by his experiences in Deroth. I felt this was a little pointless though as all of the T.A. went through the same amount of physical and psychological torture, perhaps even more so then Ramasus.
  • After the re-creation of the prime universe I originally intended for Adrian Wayne to continue as a character through the existence of an alternate counterpart. I also intended introducing an alternate T.A. The concept was based on "There Can Only Be One" in which sooner or later one universe would have to cannibalize the other.
    • Adrian Wayne's alternate counterpart is the protagonist of a mini-roleplay of sorts I did back a while ago. I do consider the roleplay canon and will eventually adopt some of the information from that series on this wikia.

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