If you haven't already noticed I recently posted a message noting the changes I am going to make to the Timelord Alliance Wiki. Just to confirm it a List of changes will be put below.

  • Revamp the front page  (Completed by TrueFloppy)
  • Revamp pages to contain the new Character Info Template  (Started)
  • New Wikia Logo (Completed)
  • New Background  (Completed)
  • New Promo Description (Completed)
  • New Promo Image (Completed)
  • Clean up pages with no Content (Completed)
  • New Colour Scheme (Completed by TrueFloppy)
  • Update Badge Images (Started)
  • Make an Episode Promotional Image for Episode 6 (Planned)
  • Link "dead end" pages with other pages (Planned)
  • Simplify Catagories so pages link up better (Finishing)
  • Mark out of date pages as Candidates for Revamp  (Completed)
  • Clean up Redirect Pages. (Completed)
  • Fix broken Links (Started)

If you can help accomplish any of these tasks please do so and comment.

250px-Siggy125.png 17:35, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

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