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Me and Hannah go back quite a way, We first met three years ago, on the 27/09/2010, when I first contributed to the Timelord Alliance. At that point Hannah was using her Hackman597 account. Thing's have gone a LOONG way since then, from when we first launched Unitedfilmers1  to when we first met IRL to when Me, Drwho91 (DrwhoRBLX), HannahOFlaherty597 and Minimag1 all met in Bloxcon London. We have had many a laugh and even have our own Skype conferences most of the time. However, Yesterday was different. I was at London with my family but before I left I set a task for Hannah to complete due to an idea Ultracrash had.

The Task

Hannah had knowlage of something that not many of us know about, she knew how to write in Gallifreyan. So Yesterday Morning I simply went out and asked her to write The Timelord Alliance in Gallifreyan. I believe it was an interesting effort to help the T.A. Look presentable.

The Results

So I recieved a file on my Skype called "The Timelord Alliance", and then the adrenaline kicked in. You see with normal text you know what to expect, but when it comes to Gallifreyan you kinda have no idea how good or bad it may look. Mainly because Gallifreyan is simply done by layers of circles put into an order to form letters, words and sentences. Which means, due to it being hand made, that a result may look different every time. However...

When I saw the file I recieved I instantly knew there will be an interesting end result to the initial design. Hannah tends to put her Gallifreyan designs on a background. Fortunately the Gallifreyan was black put on a white background which meant two things. 1. It would be easy to edit the image. 2. It was easy to reference where things were due to the white background.

Although these two factors were a partial downside to what I planned to do with the logo. To start off I initially was unable to make the Gallifreyan the colour I wanted. However this was resolved instantly with "Invert Colour" and then, due to the background, I found it difficult to add a glow effect to the design. But yet again I managed to work around that.

When it comes to graphical design I tend to use two softwares. Paint.Net and Microsoft Powerpoint. This is because they are easy to manage and allow you to make it do what you want it to do with ease. (Paint.Net is free and can be downloaded from here )

So as noted above earlier I used Paint.Net to invert the colours of the Gallifreyan design. (So that the Gallifreyan was white and the background was black) then I copied the image over to Powerpoint to add a Glow effect. However, due to the background the glow effect would go around the edge of the image than on the Gallifreyan Design. So I referred back to Paint.Net and used the "Wizard Wand" tool to select the background so that I could delete it or "Make it transparent".

So with a white Gallifreyan Design with no background I could finally save it as a .png and moved over to Powerpoint. I added a glow effect and made it white, added a background and got the final result of this.

Timelord Alliance Gallifrey BG

So yeah, comment below what you think of this design.

Siggy125 14:02, August 19, 2013 (UTC)

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