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The Time Lord Alliance (or simply referred to as The T.A.) is a peacekeeping galactic organization found and composed of surviving members of The Time War, mainly Gallifreyans who sought refugee after the terrible events that took place on Gallifrey. The original team dedicated their teachings and based their philosophy on The Doctor who observed time, rarely getting involved, unless provoked by external forces.

After taking on demonic forces and extraterrestrial threats, the group continued to expand and soon became home to many unorthodox aliens, and even humans.

The T.A. are currently stationed on The Space Station .

Current Members

Former Members

Rules of the Roleplay / Promotion / Council Members

Please note that the following section will face numerous updates and is subject to change! ~Spike Dimentos

Rules of the Roleplay

The rules when participating in a Timelord Alliance Roleplay on the group wall are.

  1. Stick to the plot stated beforehand by a Council member, this will make it easier to avoid confusion during the `Episode`.
  2. The Doctor is not a Timelord to be involved in this roleplay in any way, Gallifrey is in an entirely different universe than him currently.
  3. No Powerplaying. Do not control somebody else's character, allow them to choose how to respond to your action, stated in the roleplay.
  4. Have fun

Please note, should these rules be broken in any case you may be punished, or even be put under review for Demotion!


By doing any the following things listed below you could be put under review for Promotion!

  • Regularly talk and discuss on the group wall, it can either be done by roleplaying or discussing Doctor Who and any of it's spinoffs
  • Being Productive for the group, by placing group adverts, building places, drawing fanart, etc. When doing so feel free to share either on the group wall or message one of the High Council or Lord President so we can review and consider promotion
  • To understand how promotion to the position of Councillor and High Councillor works read under Council Members

Council Members

Members who are in the position of Council or High Council are very important people. They determine promotion and demotion as well as having other abilities.

Councillors are able to do the following.

  • Request a user to be reviewed for Promotion
  • Request a user to be reviewed for Demotion
  • Update the Group Status
  • Accept requests to join the group

Members who have been in Council for two months are eligible to apply for High Council. A high councillor