A Time Crack is a crack in time for anything wrong that happened with time.

The Beginner

The Time Crack (like Jim Jones) has very small involvemnt in the TA. The Time Crack was an alien who was alone,

The Time Crack The Beginner faced.

taking the shape of a time crack because he was lonely. His plan was to know all of time so he won't be lonely, only it was causing danger so The Beginner had to stop him... so he did. That is all the involvement, but who knows when a time crack may appear?

The Doctor

Real Time Crack

The time crack The Doctor faced.

A different time crack, created by The Doctor's exploading TARDIS from the future, followed him early in his 11th regeneration. If anything was absorbed by the light of the time crack, it would not have ever existed. It followed The Doctor becasue Amy Pond was traveling with him. It was looking for a huge time event to consume, and the human that would later create River Song, was the perfect feast. Eventually, The Doctor was able to stop it, but the cause of the TARDIS's explosion was never found out...

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