The Writer's TARDIS has undergone one exterior change and many interior changes

The First Exterior.


The Writer's first Exterior, a fridge

The Writer's first exterior appearance was that of a fridge, meaning she could land inside houses and mansions without being seen, however the many times she had landed outside people had mistaken it for abandoned and thrown it into junkyards, other species assumed it was an alien stasis for life-forms that resembled `Earthling` food.

The First Interior

Writer's TARDIS

The Writer's first interior

The Writer's first interior seemed to have the vortex flow below a glass floor under the console with white and blue metal floors around it, stairs then extended upwards to other rooms, leaving room for people to travel to the door. The door and walls had roundels which behind The Writer kept a Sonic Twig and several Sonic Toothbrush's. This design later changed when The Writer crashed into Mount Everest, knocking several climbers off due to an `Unknown cause`, however, this did not affect history as several climbers did fall off on the date of the TARDIS Crash while The Writer tried to fix it.

The Second Exterior and the second Interior


The exterior of The Doctor's TARDIS and the second exterior of The Writer's TARDIS.


The Writer's second TARDIS interior

The Writer's second exterior looked alot like the one of the Timelord that they had called `The Doctor`. The Writer beleived this Timelord to be fictional and a myth, until she met him while in the Timelord Alliance. The Interior resembles that of the `Royal Albert Hall` in London, England, but the console erects itself from the middle of the round fence in the center of the room.

The Writer's Newest (Current) Interior

The Abbey

The Writer's main console Interior.

The Arena

A simulation image recreated in The Writer's simulation room for battling in an `Arena` mode

The Writer's newest interior has a console room that looks medieval, yet comforting, it resembles the inside of Westminster Abbey. The Writer has a simulation `Arena` room where she can generate fake terrain and fake people to battle against. the image to the right shows the simulation image that is transfered and recrated in the room. The Writer has also described there being a theatre, pool, library upstairs, an elevator and a floor above the pool, but under the console which she has not told anyone what there is inside it.

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