The Time Lord Alliance is a group that was founded on the website ROBLOX in early 2008 initially dedicated to conversing about the popular television series: Doctor Who, but has since grown into something bigger-- a fanonical mythos that broke the chains of canon that bounded the stories. The group continues to grow in size and the stories continue to grow in frequency.

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""Oh, I'm old... very old. Some say as old as time, I personally wouldn't know, I've lost count of how many years I've lived... and how many years I've died. Eurybus; me, and you are one, and the same. Observers. Wanderers. ""
The Wanderer


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The Wanderer

The Wanderer was once a Gallifreyan and high ranking cultist who dedicated the entirety of his life to worshipping the ancient gallifreyan entity Sephorus... Read more.

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