The Space Station and the General


The Scientist, The Writer, The Beginner

Main enemy

The Destructer


The Space Station








The Final Hour

To kick off the first series of "The Timelord Alliance", The Beginner, the newest member of the alliance, contacts The Writer, Spike, and The Scientist to learn about it's past. And so, The Writer takes him to their offical space station above the planet Hilom. But, their trip was set too late, and the space station is in ruins. Although, there seems to be something still on it, waiting to be released... They all investigate, with not much to do. They do, however, meet up with people. They find out there's a rouge man on board, goes by the name, The Destructer. He wreeks havoc on board, the members of the alliance must get him. They find out that this man, is an alternate Beginner who falls into the mystic hole, which means he can bend time on the biggest scale and won't be effected, which means he could kill The Beginner. In the end, the result is as simple as The Beginner stopping The Beginner fall into the hole, all that space station was a reality that never happened. The alliance move forward with their adventures...

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