The Rise of the Dark Being


The Scientist, The Writer, The Beginner, Spike Dimentos

Main enemy

Manhiel aka The Dark Being


Spike Dimentos' Mansion






The Impossible Man


The Puzzle Gods

Spike Dimentos sends invitations a new scientific discovery made by him.The Beginner and The Writer join him. Spike reveals his mansion base used to be a TARDIS and he's making it fly,The Beginner's TARDIS clamps on and stuff is needed to get fix the chameleon circuit of his TARDIS, but the crew are unsure if it actually was a TARDIS. The Dark Being suddenly snatches energy sphere , and that was holding the mansion up, so The Beginner's clamped TARDIS has to fly the mansion. It is here that The Dark Being reveals he is Manhiel  and steals the energy sphere. After he escapes, The Scientist shows up and starts to fade from history. The gang track Manhiel and Nom Om collects a device which stops The Scientist fading, therefore saving him. The Beginner and The Writer enter the building that Manheil is in and end up murdering him, despite Manhiel trying to lie to stop them.