The Final Hour


The Scientist, The Writer, The Beginner, Spike Dimentos

Main enemy

The Headmaster


White cliffs of Dover






The Space Station and the General


The Impossible Man

The Writer, The Beginner and The Scientist are in the TARDIS for the second ever episode in the new episode system of the TA. Spike is in The Headmaster's Secret Base of operations on Earth, where he is told if he gets all the Chrasteon Crystallite items, he will end all evil in the world. The Writer must get them to defeat The Headmaster. This leads to the brightest cliffs... for the first item in the quest... or are they? In the end, they find they are fake, The Headmaster used it for a distraction. He wanted to stop himself regenerating into evil, so The Beginner shows him the way. The Mystic Hole.

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