The Downcasts
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The Downcasts are a team of 3 soldiers that used to fight for the Never-Were army, led by the Could-Have-Been King, in the Time War, but Genison persuaded them to join him, and escape the Time War. They have names, the white soldier is named Zero, the red soldier is named Minus, and the blue soldier is named Minor. Genison gave them these names, and gave them the armour and helmets, as he couldn't tell the difference between them because they were all wearing the official Never-Were army uniform when they escaped the Time War. The downcasts were left to the darkness's command after Genison was killed.

The Time War

The Downcasts were part of an elite division for the Never-Were army, and that division's main objective was to sabotage Galifrey from the inside. The Downcasts were always friends, and acted as a three man army in missions. Unfortunately, during their mission, they bumped into Genison. He made them surrender but also persuaded them that there was more than just wars in the universe, and that they could travel with him, and told them that they could explore and conquer the universe. They agreed to join him, but just to make sure they obeyed him, he hypnotised them to make them extremely loyal only to him.

Armour and weapons

Genison decided that they needed a new weapon and new armour because there original armour was only blue robes, and their faces were quite ugly, in his opinion. There weapons were also minor, as they were only a diamond pistol. Genison killed three Polozane soldiers and gave The Downcasts their armour, he picked that armour because they were colour coded, so he can tell who is who. Their weapons are custom weapons made by Genison, they use the same technology as a dalek's laser, but are in the shape of an average Earth rifle.