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One of the Disciples.

These 3 are the generals of Darkness , and his closest advisors. Each of them is nearly as mysterious as their master.

The Disciples

Vasilías Mathitís

Vasilías is the leader of the Disciples. He is the strongest minded, being intensely clever. He has an unyielding loyalty to Darkness, and will protect and serve him with his life. Though loyal to Darkness, Vasilias is very sly and has been known to have an agenda of his own.

Evnóise Simantiká

Evnóise is the second-in-command of the Disciples. Very strong, Evnóise is the most powerful sorceror, having immense power over shadows. He can create blades, shields and projectiles out of pure shadow quicker and more efficiently than any other Disciple. His blood is thought to be the one used to create Shadowbeasts, as he has the most influence over them - before Darkness, of course. He is the one who often leads the Shadowbeasts into battle.

Dáskalos Ypéritis

The lowest ranked Disciple. He is the field commander and negotiator, being a soldier at heart yet having a golden tounge. He is most often seen on the battlefield alongside a battalion of Shadowbeasts and corrupted soldiers, but is the one who whispers in the ears of new "recruits" to Darkness' cause. He can easily convince people to trust him, though his persuasive voice does not affect strong-minded people.