BA Tardis

Exterior and interior

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This page is about The Beginner's TARDIS

Interiors and Exteriors


The Beginner's first TARDIS is in the shape of a police box, like The Writer's TARDIS and The Doctor's TARDIS. In the episode 'End of the Line' it is known why his is like so many others. In flight, his and The Doctor's TARDIS collided and broke the chameleon circuit. Not only breaking it, but taking DNA from The Doctor's TARDIS and converting into the shape of the blue box. This isn't the only DNA change that happened. The interior of The Beginner's TARDIS changed dramaticly, looking a lot like The Doctor's First incarnation TARDIS! In the episode 'Convertion', his TARDIS was badly damaged and needed to land quickly...


This TARDIS was first seen in 'Time Lord Duel', where they had to look for clues on Earth. The exterior still looked like a police box, but this time much smaller and with a darker shade of blue. In interior is very dull, but a change from The Doctor's TARDIS look-a-like. This time, the TARDIS has seats and the centre movey thing, moves this time. The colour had severe changes (yes again to mention the dullness).