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A Silent killing with its electric powers. Notice the depression that appears where the mouth should be when they kill.

An ancient religion that believes that "everything ends and silence will fall, when, at the Fall of the Eleventh, the question that must be never be asked will be answered." The leaders of the religion are mysterious memory-proof monsters called Silents, aliens that have been controling the human race since the beginning. They can erase themselves from the memory of any species when not seen. The Silents can make thier way into almost anywhere they want, as all it takes is a sideways glance for any guard to forget them. If codes are the problem, they ask a terrified person about it, walk away, thus implanting the question hypnotically into the person's mind, get the answer, and enter any door. The person can not remember that he/she did anything for them. It is common to find them in very important places in the universe.

The Silence made their first appearance in the opening episode of Series 6 of the BBC series Doctor Who and played a much larger role in the storyline. The Silents are based on the paintings, "The Scream", and Slenderman of urban mythos. They are dressed after The Men in Black in popular conspiracy theories.

Many Silents have been shot and killed by the Timelord Alliance easily, because they always think the Timelord Alliance doesn't know about them. They are catching on, though.

Appart from making people forget about them,their ablity's also include firing an electrical type attack,at people they want to kill.

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