The Word Ruion can refer to three things, The Planet, The Species and the Writing Forms.

The Planet

The Dalek Solor System

The Dalek Solor System with Ruion & the Space Station.

Planet Ruion was one of the Seven planets Located in the Kasterborous System, Although this is not documented as a lot of the data files on Ruion were lost in the Time War.

All that is documented currently is that Ruion is now located in the Dalek Solor System due to Ninthen Dimentos (Arch enemy of Spike) activating the Fourth Dimension Emergency Planitary Teleportation System (FDEPTS). Because of a fault in the systems many Ruions vanished. Yet to be found by, Spike or Dark Ditrios (Cousin). After moving Ruion to the Dalek Solor System Ninthen then built a Space Station for himself as a base of operations.

At Ruion's Golden age it is said to have glowed gold. This was not true as the planet had a golden force field which was broken when Nethros attacked. (See The Mirror Of Evil)

The Species

The Ruion Species are decendents of the Guardians who used to work for the ancient gods of Ruion. They are humanoid bipeds that have the ability to Time Travel firstly as given to them by the ancient gods secondly is that they were close to planet Gallifrey. The Ruions that attend higher forms of skill eventually become able to control how they move in the Flow of time. E.G: if they flow faster through time, time will move slower than them. But if they Move Parralell to the flow of time it may make an effect where it seems time has stopped.

An example of the Ruion Species is Spike Dimentos.

Writing Forms

Quite a few are very intereasted in Ruion's language, Mainly because it is based off of Earth's English. This is because over the years they often looked into the future for Ideas on what to do and often picked up Earth's English. This is because the planet uses that language alot so was often noticed.

Ancient Ruion

Ancient Ruion

Ancient Ruion

Ancient Ruion is an old writing form that can be found in old scrolls and signs. It isn't seen so much but it is very well known by the Royal Family as they are taught how to read it. When taught Ancient Ruion people prefer to use it over Modern Ruion.

Modern Ruion

Modern Ruion

Modern Ruion

Modern Ruion is the writing form that is used more often up untill Ruion was moved to the Dalek solor System. This is because it was easier for interplanetary travelers to read.

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