Eurybus Ei Valinus
Ramasus 1241
The Sorcerer (designation)
The King of Deroth (temporarily)
Legion (whilst possessed)
Story arcs
Regeneration (limited to 12)
Superhuman feats
Member of The T.A.
Eurybus Valinus
The Time Lord Alliance
The armies of Deroth (formerly)
Purgatory (final resting place)
Portrayed by
James Marsters (current incarnation)

Ramasus Ei Valinus (b. The Period of Darkness) was a valiant Gallifreyan clone who mastered in the arts of Sorcery. He was the younger brother of Eurybus Valinus, and heir to the throne of Deroth.


First Incarnation (childhood and teen years)

Ramasus Ei Valinus was created on the planet of Gallifrey during the planet's Period of Darkness. He and his brethren were the supposed answer to Gallifrey's civil war, but were considered abominations by The High Council as they were constructed by the disgraced scientist Demacrex who was subsequently executed after Ramasus' birth. Ramasus was raised by his older brother Eurybus; and the two stood as the only surviving specimen.

Ramasus and his brother were later adopted by the elderly Gallifreyan referred to as The Wordsmith who was known for his poetry and wisdom and provided food and shelter for the two. Ramasus formed a close bond with The Wordsmith much to Eurybus's dismay who had yet to trust The Wordsmith and accept him as their guardian.

Young ramasus2721
Ramasus was later taken to stare into The Untempered Schism and was left unscarred by the event, supposedly Ramasus saw one of many possible futures in which his destiny and fate is drastically altered, this was later revealed to be a glimpse at a parallel universe where Ramasus was never killed by The Trickster. Ramasus was soon accepted into The Academy alongside his brother.

Academically Ramasus excelled at The Academy, but was considered a social outcast and was incapable of striking up conversations with other students, his shyness was noticed by The Writer who took a liking to him, the two became best friends soon after discussing politics and other manners at The Academy.

Although he received high honours Ramasus was denied ownership of a TARDIS or any form of time-accessible equipment, despite this, he accepted it, and after graduating continued to work, with his father in the arts of theatre whilst his brother spiraled into depression and became increasingly rebellious, Ramasus continued to argue that action taken against the government should be political and not anarchical, the two brothers' relationship became increasingly strained and the two eventually separated when Eurybus became the target of bounty hunters.

The Time War

Gallifrey had entered it's darkest times as The Time War came, and massive fleets of Daleks invaded the world. Children and teens were drafted into armies to help hold back the tides, Ramasus tried to help younglings escape, but to no avail, as the Daleks were relentless in there attacks. Ramasus witnessed the death of his friends, and father at the hands of a Dalek, influenced by rage joined the fight in a hurry taking on thousands of Dalek battalions. Ramasus' actions during the event earned him the title of Dalek-killer.

The endless hordes proved to be too much for Ramasus and he was forced to flee, but was soon targeted by a lone Dalek, with nowhere to hide, Ramasus accepted his fate, and was shot seemingly dead, fortunately Ramasus was saved by The Professor, an elderly Time Lord who nursed Ramasus back to help, and dragged him back to his own TARDIS along with his older brother. The trio escaped Gallifrey just before The Doctor was able to place a Time Lock on the barren, war-ravaged world.

The physical damage from the blast and psychological damage from the war led to Ramasus being placed in a coma-like state forcing his older brother into killing him in order to trigger his first regeneration.

Second Incarnation

Abilities and powers


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