Ramasus Ei Valinus also referred to as "The Sorcerer" was a Gallifreyan and Derothian hybrid who mastered the arts of magic. He was a member of the Time Lord Alliance and belonged to an ancient demonic bloodline, as well as was his older brother Eurybus Valinus. The two were clones, the only surviving of 66, created by the disgraced scientist Demacrex. After Demacrex's execution, Ramasus and his brother were adopted by The Wordsmith.

As per the conditions of his bloodline, or "curse" as he would later referred to it, Ramasus was sent to the dimension of Deroth after suffering a "physical" death at the hands of his best friend The Learner. There, Ramasus was groomed to be the king of its inhabitants. Ultimately, after rejecting his destiny and participating in The Battle of Deroth, Ramasus found himself the pawn of the sadistic entity Manhiel, operating under the alias "The Outlaw".

Later on, after living through a total of five incarnations, courtesy of his Gallifreyan regenerative powers, Ramasus found a final death and reunited with his estranged brother in the afterlife.


First Incarnation

Second Incarnation

Third Incarnation

Fourth Incarnation

Fifth and Final Incarnation

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