Nom om

Nom Om

Nom om is a little android that goes with The Artist on his adventures. He is a naturally hungry android, because food is his fuel, because he doesn't run on batterys or electricity. Nom om doesn't do much as he was only intended to be a company robot, but he does have a tiny sonic device hidden in his right arm, and in his left arm, he has a tiny 400mw laser. He excretes his food fuel by opening his mouth and releasing tiny Carbon Dioxide particles. Nom om was created byThe Scientist , and was instructed to activate in 30 Earth years, but been as The Artist was flung onto Golot before the 30 years were up, he wasn't able to use the TARDIS power to activate. He activated after The Artist escaped Golot, and was fueled by both the TARDIS's energy (That allowed him to activate), and some Golotian bug biscuits (That taste like coffee). He stands at 7 inchs tall, 4.5 inchs wide
First Appearance Evil Professor Saga
Latest Appearance Dear Diary


Nom Om has made an appearance in the new series of episodes, The Impossible Man. He helps The Beginner, The Writer and The Scientist find out about a weird man, called Randy Conas.


Despite his name being Nom Om, he has been called other names in this episode.

  • Omnom
  • Om nom nom nommmy nom nom

He makes another helpful appearance in Dear Diary.