Magic— also referred to as The Art— is a mystical external force that exists outside the physical realm. All are capable of wielding magic, but it requires extensive mental concentration and spiritual focus— which can be channeled through incantations and rituals— it being of supernatural design means that a large majority of people refuse to believe in its existence as science is commonplace.

Those who wield magic are referred to in fiction as Wizards or Witches although other terms have been used too such as Sorcerer, Warlock, or more simply Magic-wielder.

Known Wielders

  • Ramasus Ei Valinus - Ramasus was an potent user of magic having used it since discovering The Art's existence earlier in his life.
  • Eurybus Valinus - Eurybus initially referred to the concept of magic as ridiculous as well as anything of supernatural design, until joining the Time Lord Alliance, his perspective on the matter changed significantly. He later used Blood magic to halt Manhiel's power.

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