The Hero
Hero Timelord Compleet
Story arcs
Part Human, Part Timelord
Super Strength, Psychic ability and teleport ability
Timelord Alliance (left but always kept in touch)
Unknown (mostly spotted on earth in universe 1)
Portrayed by
The Creator of The Hero

Back Story (reboot)

The Hero was born before any universe or mutiverse was ever created except for mutiverse 0 The universe of the Timegods. The Timegods where a group of Timelords with great powers that where the true gods of everything and everyone. During 1000 years The Hero in his 1st incanation traved to diffrent universes and trained his mind and body to become more powerful then any Timegods incase of any of them betrying any of the Timegods. But what they didnt know was The Hero's father known as The First God, had betrayed them before Hero was born, during The First God's past he found a story of his son becoming the most powerful Timegod and so he tried to make Hero's life a living hell but his brother The Villian made his life less hellish.

When he had returned he had found out His father had mulipulated his brother making him think The Hero was gonna kill all the Timegods, this created a war where The Hero stopped them in his timegod form but had just learned the effects after he returned to his normal form as he was near death and had to regenerate. Meanwhile in a diffrent universe a Hero who was human was near the crashsite of the Timegod Hero's Tardis, The Human Hero went into the Timegod Hero's Tardis but got hit by Timegod Hero's regeneration and his DNA merged with his but would also kill human Hero from all the knowledge the Timegod Hero had but beacuse of human Hero's mind was very big he only lost a couple of memorys of the Timegods but not Hero's past.

Later Hero had found a cult called the Dimention lords, a group of 4 dimensional beings who could see the future of anyone but would mostly see Hero or the Hero's futures, and as they could see the Hero's potential futures they could also see a potential fall of the Timelords.

First Appearance Evil Professor Saga
Latest Appearance