Giru, the energetic robot.

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Giru is a small robot created by Doctor Myuu and is now part of the dalek army. He was meant to drop the alliance off at Earth, but fell over with them and is now part of their team.


Giru was first created by an evil scientist called doctor Myuu. He wanted to control the universe, and Giru was one of his first robotic tests to build a robot that had the power to do that. Once dr. Myuu was destroyed, he helped his friends Goku, Pan, and Trunks. After their death, he was captured by the daleks and used for their master plan. He was killed by Shadowbeasts and used as a subspace bomb by Gramos.


Giru is energetic, fearful, and silly. He talks in a unique way. Ex: When talking to spike, "You seem troubled Can I help?" means "Spike seem troubled. Giru help?"

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