Timelord 71651
The Doctor in traditional Gallifreyan garb.
Origin Gallifrey
Powers and abilities Enhanced, near-superhuman feats
Vulnerabilities Can be killed during regeneration
Members The Doctor
The Master
The Time Lord Alliance

Gallifreyans hail from Gallifrey; they were a sentient species that were potentially the first humanoids in existence, their society was based on the effects of time eventually leading to the development of time-traveling based equipment which had a radical effect on other species and civilizations in the known universe.

After having achieved time travel, and building The Web of Time, Gallifreyans who passed their tests at The Academy would be referred to as either a Time Lord or Time Lady and would hold great political power over regular Gallifreyans.


The Timelords, or Time Lords, began as an indigenous race living on the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation of Kasterberous, and were one of the first races to ever evolve. They were moderately technologically advanced, but they became one of the most powerful races in the universes when two Gallifreyans named Omega and Rassilon realized how to extract the heart of a black hole. With this, they were able to fuel TARDISes and became a time travelling race. After seeing the perils of interference first hand, they vowed to only view the whole of time and space, and all agreed to let events unfold as they were meant to, never to interfere. All except a few, who went rogue; the Doctor, the Master, the Rani, and some of the members of the Timelord Alliance.


At one point The Timelords found the Ruion Prison, The Mirror Of Evil. They used it to Banish those who used Forbidden Powers and those who had evil intentions. They managed to banish Two Quarters of the evil found in the universe. Eventually the link between the Mirror Realm and this realm closed so they had it as an artifact placed in the Courts of the Timelord Council untill Spike Dimentos took it leading to Ninthen Dimentos becoming Evil.

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