Freezie, The Scientist's childhood pet.

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Frezzie is a blue square with icicle teeth and horns sticking out of his side. he was an accidental creation by The Scientist while he was still a child.


Freezie was one of The Scientist's first creations. He was made from plant molecules found on Gallifrey and an icecream sundae the 8 year old Scientist created, heated up, and cooled down radiply. One day, The Scientist was in his lab, making desert, just like always, when he put in the plant Zincone, instead of mint. He really wanted the ice cream, so he just tried to kill the poision plant by heating it up. Since his icecream was melting, he tried to save it by freezing it. He continued this procces until he saw the icecream move. He noticed it had become alive, and then modified it to be his perfect pet.


Frezzie has grown up with The Scientist, and has been taught many things by him. Since he is part ice, he can freeze certain things by shooting ice out of his horns. Despite his size, he can run over 40 km. an hour. He has an acute sense of smell. In an act of sacrifice, he can poision enemies by throughing himself into thier mouth. Freezie would die, but his master would be safe.

Involvement in the Timelord Alliance

Freezie has not yet come into the TA's stories, but will probably join soon enough.

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