Eurybus Valinus
Current Eurybus
The Asshole (designation)
The Hated (whilst on Deroth)
Michael "Mike" Leonard (human alias)
Gallifreyan (formerly)
Human (currently)
Regeneration (Limited to 12) Superhuman feats (inc. Strength)
Immortality (within Deroth)
Alive (resurrected)
Protector of time and space
Portrayed by
Keanu Reeves (current incarnation)

"My designation is The Asshole? I didn't agree to that-- is there something that you guys want to get off your chests?"
—Eurybus expressing dismay with his designation.

Eurybus Valinus (also referred to by his less than flattering T.A. designation: "The Asshole" and his alias whilst on Earth: "Michael Leonard".) was a Gallifreyan clone (and for a short period of time a Human.) who travelled through time and space with the eponymous Time Lord Alliance. Eurybus was the older brother of Ramasus Ei Valinus and had a connection to the royal bloodline of Doroth. Eurybus had lived many lives prior to his death at the hands of The Wanderer. Eurybus was last seen happily in the afterlife with his brother.


First Incarnation

Second Incarantion

Third Incarnation

Fourth Incarnation

Fifth Incarnation

Sixth Incarnation

Return (circa 2012)

Reunited in death (circa 2012)

Resurrection and final years (circa 2013 - 2016)

After a brief stint in the otherworldly realm of Purgatory Eurybus was brought back from the land of the dead and left pondering how and why he was resurrected, having been officially recognized as dead by the T.A, Eurybus sought answers on his lonesome.

Angered and confused by his reanimated state, Eurybus's search for answers took years before he finally came into contact with the enigmatic Wanderer who claimed to have a proposition for Eurybus: work for him and be reunited with his brother in life. Initially weary of the proposal Eurybus attacked the Wanderer only to be easily defeated. After working with The Wanderer, Eurybus eventually found out about the latter's true intentions of resurrecting an ancient Gallifreyan death God. Eurybus was beaten to death in front of the T.A., but not before being able to say one final goodbye to his comrades. The T.A. were able to defeat the Wanderer. (The First Alliance)

Abilities and powers


Eurybus, being a Gallifreyan is capable of regeneration-- which means after a near-death situation his body will incubate large dozes of energy which he can use to repair his cells which often results in a radical change to his physical appearance, other than this form of quasi-immortality, Eurybus has died, on several occasions, before being brought back to the world of the living.

  • It is implied that he has died thousands of times during his time in Deroth-- presumably through torture-- unfortunately for Eurybus whilst in the realm of Deroth, was in fact immortal, as he was linked to Deroth's royal blood. He maintains immortality whilst in this realm.
    • After Eurybus went rogue and betrayed The Alliance, and his brother, he gained a large portion of Deroth's armies and became a threat to the universe, he was overpowered, and killed by a super-powered Elmora.


Eurybus is easily the most womanizing character in the series, with a desire to romance all the beautiful woman of the universe, his efforts to do so were the planned highlights of the Origins series. He's had many relationships with members of the opposite gender in the roleplay.

Behind the scenes

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