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Elmora was an extremely powerful Derothian acting as The Queen of Deroth to replace her once thought deceased sister. Elmora was later revealed to be Ramasus' mysterious assailant; who had been pursuing him and seemingly protecting him for months prior to her revelation. The two later wedded in the realm of Deroth and held great political power until the dark conspiracy was uncovered.

She's a vital character in the development of Ramasus and a key figure in the Battle of Deroth storyline. She was killed off-screen in the main storyline although she was later shown alive in The Dark Disciples; a spin-off sequel -- of sorts -- she was finally put to rest by her sister providing closure to her character arc.


Early life

Elmora was the result of cross species breeding, a hybrid between a human and Derothian specimen. She and her sister were raised to lead The Armies of Deroth although her sister was elected to be Queen pushing herself into the shadow. She admired her older sister and followed her demands without question.

Her childhood was a brutal one-- she like many other Derothians struggled to survive on Deroth's harsh landscape and were forced to follow the government's strict religious beliefs in their following of Lucifer's teaching. Elmora escaped her overbearing elders by joining Deroth's military taking on various rebellious groups earning her a reputation of being a brutal and unforgiving soldier. Despite being a warrior she was not without a heart-- as she fought for stability and order on their war-torn world and dreamt of a better tomorrow. She was popular with younger children and helped out various settlements and establishments with their diminishing food supplies.

A special task

She was later handpicked by Lucifer for a special mission-- track and protect the Gallifreyan, Ramasus Ei Valinus at all costs. She reluctantly took the task thinking it would be a waste of time and resources to follow the Time Lord, but obligated anyway fearing that refusing to do so would damage her sisters' already strained reputation.

Abilities and powers

  • Immortality - Those linked to the royal blood of Deroth or associated with those to it were incapable of dying on Deroth although this effect did not work anywhere in the universe. Elmora was supposedly killed a thousand of times during the war, but kept on waking up moments after.
  • Psychokinesis (also referred to as Telekinesis) - Psychokinesis is not an inherent ability for her kind, so how she came across these abilities is unknown, although she did display a great mental capacity of telekinesis whilst pursuing Ramasus earlier in the character's history. She was also capable of pinning two powerful demons to a wall with her sheer will.
  • Superhuman strength - During her struggle with Eurybus she was literally capable of throwing him around a room. Eurybus was soon overwhelmed and beaten into submission-- she never displayed this ability soon after refusing to get involved with further conflicts.


  • Ramasus Ei Valinus - Elmora seems to greatly care for him, and was his wife for many months before he left Deroth. Their romance reignited during the Battle of Deroth, which was confusing for both of them and greatly hurt the Learner. In an odd way, their getting back together helped win the war, as his pain was one of the main motives the Learner sacrificed himself to kill Hellfire. Their relationship is now broken, however.
  • The Learner - Elmora married the Learner when he became the Darklord and united the warring factions of Deroth, but their love was more complex as he was under the contorl of Satan, and thus was not entirely the man he really was. He still had remnants of himself fully concious, though, and the part of him that was still the sane Learner genuinly loved her. This part of him was the part which had her child. The Learner seems to think of her as being more important than himself, as he physically stopped Satan from killing her, which would have taken immense willpower. The Learner was ashamed to admit that he was the child's father to Ramasus, as he feared it would damage their friendship. Elmora feels that she has to distance herself from him now, but he still loves her.

Behind the scenes

Elmora was a character created and controlled by the user Ultracrash. The character was designed on the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt from the Ghost Whisperer television series and primarily based on various characters from other roleplays.

Elmora was initially an antagonist that would later be responsible for Ramasus' death although this was later dropped in favour of the two becoming lovers from similar backgrounds. This also led to maturer and generally longer stories to be developed such as The Battle of Deroth and so on.


Elmora revealed to Ramasus that she had a real name, but was unable to speak it in human tongue. Speaking the name in her native language was thought to be a curse as muttering it had dire consequences, so she took the alias of "Elmora"; the meaning behind the alias has yet to be revealed.

The author's reasoning behind the name "Elmora" was a reference to his earlier Star Wars roleplays in which Elmora was the protagonist's sister.

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