Elmora, prior to the revelation that she was the Queen of Deroth, was the mysterious Derothian stalker of Ramasus Ei Valinus, instructed to follow him by Lucifer. She was the sister of Elora, the rightful heir to the throne, although Elmora had to take charge when her sister was kidnapped by the sadistic entity Manhiel. She has been married twice; to Ramasus, then to The Learner.


Powers and Abilities


  • Ramasus Ei Valinus - Elmora seems to greatly care for him, and was his wife for many months before he left Deroth. Their romance reignited during the Battle of Deroth, which was confusing for both of them and greatly hurt the Learner. In an odd way, their getting back together helped win the war, as his pain was one of the main motives the Learner sacrificed himself to kill Hellfire. Their relationship is now broken, however.
  • The Learner - Elmora married the Learner when he became the Darklord and united the warring factions of Deroth, but their love was more complex as he was under the contorl of Satan, and thus was not entirely the man he really was. He still had remnants of himself fully concious, though, and the part of him that was still the sane Learner genuinly loved her. This part of him was the part which had her child. The Learner seems to think of her as being more important than himself, as he physically stopped Satan from killing her, which would have taken immense willpower. The Learner was ashamed to admit that he was the child's father to Ramasus, as he feared it would damage their friendship. Elmora feels that she has to distance herself from him now, but he still loves her.

Trivial Information