Dear Diary


The Scientist, The Writer, The Beginner, The Hero, Nom Om

Main enemy









The Puzzle Gods


The First Alliance

Professor Jones, investigator of a mining group is someone who constantly updates the diary, only the diary shows dreadful happenings. The Beginner, The Writer, The Hero and The Scientist (with Nom Om) arrive there, to save them, after accidently landing... When the group investigate, mines fall, men die and something wied has been mined up from the ground, causing danger for everyone. Three men with the Prof survive, Randy, Dave and Lance, who are all victims of the might of the Reltelms. Time Lords can absorb this, found out by The Scientist, with help of The Hero, who owns many Reltelm objects. A massive flood of them invade the mine, with many Reltelm creatures attacking too. A laser beam shoots a rock which trapped The Beginner, which allows him to command the Reltelms, in which he shuts them down. Soon, they turn into human-Reltelm hybrids, and are uncontrollable now to the Beginner. The Beginner uses his sonic walking stick then, to shatter the remaining Reltelm material. The Scientist rescues the survivors, whilst The Writer and The Beginner say goodbye to Jones.

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