Dark eyes

Run, run, as fast as you can, because the dark is closing in...

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This dark being is the leader of the organisation known as The Darkness , and is possibly the author of the darkest conspiracy the universe has ever known.


Once, long ago, shadows and darkness ruled. No suns had been born, no light shined throughout everything. Through this realm of dark, a being was born. This being was crafted from natural magic and shadows, but had not been created. It created itself. Somehow, consciousness had just... happened, and this consciousness had made itself a body from darkness and magic. But from the shadows springs evil, and this entity, naming "him"self Darkness, was a creature of malice and murder, intent on complete control. The being put together an organisation under himself. This organisation was known as The Darkness, and with it came soldiers - the Shadowbeasts - beings which Darkness crafted. Throughout the milennia, Darkness recruited various intelligent beings into his army, corrupting them until they were not their original species, but something much more terrifying. He now commands a vast army in his Shadow Zone, powerful enough to take over planets, but Darkness waits, waits for an oppurtune moment to initiate his stratagem and come to power over everything.