The Council of the daleks have been planning for years. Their plan is very complex with many rules.

The Dalek Games

The dalek games are meant to find new power for the daleks to control the universe! They needed to use a machine that murged the DNA of any species with their own. Once they built it, they used The Scientist to murge his DNA with Gramos as a test. Then, they decided on which species to pick by making the dalek games. This called all of the possible species to battle out on Earth. These include the cybermen, sontarans, and the timelord alliance.


The rules of the Dalek Games are as follows:

  1. Kill any of the registered species
  2. Feel free to kill any humans along the way.
  3. Do not go past the moon's orbit, or you will be exterminated
  4. Use anything you can find on Earth
  5. Alling with other teams is allowed, but not to be used to destroy the dalek's plan.

Just follow these simple rules, and your team will be part of the dalek army!