What is it?

Chrasteon Crystallite is an element found on only two planets, New Gallifrey in the year and on Chrastea, the planet where it is originally from. Chrastea has been hidden behind the asteroid belt, and shadowed over by Jupiter so not many know about it. This element is a rock, which has been crystallised with special properties.

Special Properties

Chrasteon Crystallite has special properties depending on the user, or the item which was made from it. A Chrasteon Crystallite amulet worn by a human gives them extra strength, when worn by a timelord however it will give them extra regenerations. A Chrasteon Crystallite pickaxe will provide an easier mine, or (depending on the user) more of the harvest material.

How can there be different items?

Chrasteon Crystallite was divided into six items by a mysterious figure, these were an amulet, pieces of a map, a pickaxe, a sword, a shield and a clock which shows the time of day/night on Chrastea. These were scattered throughout the universe, and three of these items were attained by The Writer, the items were the sword, the amulet and the map. These were all found on different planets, in different years in different solar systems by accident. These items were removed from all time points in that location once they were found to prevent any other being getting these rare items.

What do these look like?

CC Items

The Six Chrasteon Crystallite Items

This is what the items look like, from left-to-right, top-to-bottom the items are The Amulet, The Sword, The Pickaxe, The Shield, The Clock and finally the Map. These are all coloured in the standard unreacted Chrasteon Crystallite colour, magenta.

Any other information?

Recently The Writer carried out an experiment in her TARDIS where she had not noticed Chrasteon Crystallite is able to spread and convert other objects into Chrasteon Chrystallite, The elements atomic name is Cht, and the atomic weight of the element is 207. The atomic number has not yet been decided by scientists. RANDOM FACT: If you mix Chrasteon Crystallite with water it will disolve into a soup-like substance which you can eat with no side effects

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