Buddy TheSkeleton
The Butler (designation)
Story arcs
Physical hologram
Superhuman agility
Superhuman endurance
Superhuman strength
Taxi driver (formerly)
Butler and chauffeur
Portrayed by
Tom Kenny

Buddy The Hologram (c. 5,000,000,000) was a physical holographic embodiment of a walking and talking skeleton. The rather unique construct was designed by Daniel Casey who disappeared shortly after Buddy's creation, with no official instructions, Buddy was left to wander the universe where he soon picked up on human traits and quirks essentially forming a personality of his own.

A well-mannered, but nevertheless sarcastic individual Buddy became a popular taxi driver on New Earth, despite his rather alarming appearance. He was later sought by a future incarnation of Ramasus Ei Valinus to go back in time to the dimension of Deroth to aid his younger self supplying the latter with the supplies necessary to defeat the possessed Learner.

The dimension had an impact on Buddy's personality, however, as Buddy became increasingly reckless and psychopathic after returning. He presumably killed an innocent, before being detached by the modern T.A. Buddy was soon brought back to normal, but left ashamed by the incident. Buddy, with nowhere else to go reluctantly stayed, with the group and willingly became their butler and chauffeur.


Abilities and powers

Behind the scenes

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