• Spike Dimentos

    Yes! So as you may have noticed there have been so many updates to the Wiki since the last update that it's about time I make a new article.

    So, What's been happening!

    Well, Let's find out!

    So it might not be obvious yet, or you may have not been paying attention to the shiny and new "Useful Info" section in the Navigation bar on the top of the screen, well... Well if you haven't, you should!

    Anyways, In that section, as seen on the right, there are now two new links for you to explore, the New "News Updates" page and the "About the TA!" page.

    When clicking on this link you will embark a page named News Updates, This will be your new place to go should you wish to see what updates have happened on the wikia, as well as any Important updates tha…

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  • Spike Dimentos

    So, The Timelord Alliance RP is hopefully having a Reboot, and to add to that we are going to be bringing back ye ole Saga System kinda. David will be kick starting the RP with some interesting plot. Hope anyone who is interested are thinking on joining in. And from now on, I believe all news will be under the News Section so keep your eyes peeled there!!

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  • StevieGLiverpool

    Let's be active!

    November 2, 2014 by StevieGLiverpool

    Few people are probably still using this wiki, but those that are, please look around and see what can be editted. I seriously want this wiki revamped! Use the following infobox for characters, as it is easier to use.  

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  • Spike Dimentos

    Revamping Articles

    September 8, 2013 by Spike Dimentos

    Want to help improve the Wiki but have no idea what to do? Then simply help us by making sure that these articles are up to date. The Requirements for the Pages are...

    This can be gained by typing . It needs to contain an image and accurate description of the character or object in mind.

    Some pages contain incomplete or no plot details. This means that they need to have plot added or completed.

    Some pages contain templates for an image which does not trul contain the image. This needs to be fixed.

    Some pages are rendered unredable due to Grammar errors. Always make sure poor grammar is always corrected.

    If you wish to see other revamps to the site look here

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  • Spike Dimentos

    If you haven't already noticed I recently posted a message noting the changes I am going to make to the Timelord Alliance Wiki. Just to confirm it a List of changes will be put below.

    • Revamp the front page  (Completed by TrueFloppy)
    • Revamp pages to contain the new Character Info Template  (Started)
    • New Wikia (Completed)
    • New Background  (Completed)
    • New Promo Description (Completed)
    • New Promo Image (Completed)
    • Clean up pages with no Content (Completed)
    • New Colour Scheme (Completed by TrueFloppy)
    • Update Badge Images (Started)
    • Make an Episode Promotional Image for Episode 6 (Planned)
    • Link "dead end" pages with other pages (Planned)
    • Simplify Catagories so pages link up better (Finishing)
    • Mark out of date pages as Candidates for Revamp  (Completed)
    • Clean up Redi…
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  • TrueFloppy

    Dropped storylines

    September 2, 2013 by TrueFloppy

    Had a story that never came to fruition?

    I've had plenty especially alternate scenarios and continuations of already established story arcs. The one that sticks with me the most was what later became The Saga of Deroth. The idea was after his death Ramasus was sent to Hell, to serve eternally for his sins-- and a darker saga would unravel showing the history of the Valinus family including an ancient curse.

    This was later retconned with me deciding to go with their clone origin, I also liked the idea of Deroth being ONE of billions of demonic dimensions. I still consider re-visiting these dropped stories though.

    Here's a few others:

    • Manhiel was originally intended to be a future incarnation of Ramasus Ei Valinus-- one driven insane by his exp…
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  • Spike Dimentos


    August 21, 2013 by Spike Dimentos

    So, another day passes and I've been beginning to notice that changes only really happen to articles. There are still things that need updating (The site's thumbnail  needs to be updated for example) However these things cannot be updated because our local admins are inactive, and because our local admins are inactive, no one really has any ablility to make proper updates to the wiki)

    Well, I think that a lucky, high recurring member should ask to be an admin and bring smooth leadership to the wiki. However I do not wish to claim any rights for adminship unless everybody would be ok with it.

    However, I do infact know a number of you who would like to show more dedication to the wiki so instead I think that a poll should be held in the future w…

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  • StevieGLiverpool

    Promo Pictures!!!

    August 20, 2013 by StevieGLiverpool

    Right now, our very own spikespeed125 is working on some promo pictures of series 1 of the Timelord Alliance, so I thought I would take this moment that he is now taking his time to make The Puzzle Gods, so post your opinions of the promo pictures so far!

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  • Spike Dimentos

    Me and Hannah go back quite a way, We first met three years ago, on the 27/09/2010, when I first contributed to the Timelord Alliance. At that point Hannah was using her Hackman597 account. Thing's have gone a LOONG way since then, from when we first launched Unitedfilmers1  to when we first met IRL to when Me, Drwho91 (DrwhoRBLX), HannahOFlaherty597 and Minimag1 all met in Bloxcon London. We have had many a laugh and even have our own Skype conferences most of the time. However, Yesterday was different. I was at London with my family but before I left I set a task for Hannah to complete due to an idea Ultracrash had.

    Hannah had knowlage of something that not many of us know about, she knew how to write in Gallifreyan. So Yesterday Morning …

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  • TrueFloppy

    What Needs To Be Done

    August 19, 2013 by TrueFloppy

    This Wikia is most likely only visited by us, but I still have the desire to change the site's current format into something more presentable I like to think me, and Spike are doing a relatively good job at doing this, but there's still a lot that needs to be done, a lot of information has to be covered, and a lot of articles need revamping to be of a certain quality.

    So what needs to be done?

    I'm composing a list of things I think are relatively important and are what I will personally be working on throughout the upcoming weeks.

    • Categorization - I think we should keep it fairly basic; articles that contain information about characters should be labeled by the series that the particular individual appears in, for example the character of The…
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