Alyssa, as she was in "The Space Station and the General"

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Alyssa is a main character in the first canon series of the Timelord Alliance. She appeared in the first episode, "The Space Station and the General"


Alyssa is the kind of strong and courageous type. She is usually quiet and doesn't speak much, but listens well. She does what she is told, espacially to General Darith, her boss. Alyssa likes to live in the shadows, because it allows her to sneak around and do what she wants. When she is wiht the alliance, her other half comes out. She shows how much stregnth she had in her, and kindness. Like many people the alliance have met, Alyssa seeks adventure and knowledge.

First Appearance The Space Station and the General
Latest Appearance


The Space Station and the General

Alyssa was one of the first new characters introduced in the new series.