The Writer, Spike Dimentos, The Beginner

Main enemy



The Space Station, Space Knight's Base






The First Alliance


New Recruit

A strange anomaly appeared in the Timelord Alliance Space Station. This led The Writer, Spike Dimentos and The Beginner to the library, and laboratory to investigate, also employing other members of the Alliance that worked in science to help. The Anomaly led them to the base of the Space Knights, but when their scientists came through they were mutated. It was later discovered that the Anomaly was made with Conversion Compounds, but never discovered who made it. To reverse their scientists back to normal, and turn off the anomaly The Beginner had to use a device The Writer had made to create an element that could stop chemical reactions. They placed this in the Time War guns from Arcadia to aim at each required person and item to revert them, however The Writer used too much and stopped her own chemical reactions happening, unknowingly killing herself and preventing regeneration. This is also the episode where The Beginner leaves, a new person takes the role of the Writer and a person named Thastos appears.

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